I get asked questions like, where to buy pre-made crazy coils like the Alien coils, Stapled Helix coils, Fused Claptons, etc.?

Well, the best way to go is to make your own after watching some Youtube videos. There are many tutorials of crazy coil builds on Youtube that can be really helpful in making some #coilart

But there's a little obstacle. You will have to buy tools. You will at the least need a drill like this one Black & Decker CD121K50 12-Volt Cordless Variable Speed drill. The reason to buy that particular one is because it is variable speed, can be run on low speeds for proper coil winding and can be rested on a table easily while using hands for fiddling with wires

Apart from that, you may also have to buy a few bench vice which are available on Ebay for some 500 hundred bucks. Just buy a couple of any 2 inch jaw bench vices. I have 4 of those bench vices that I use for various purposes including coilart

But if you are not the kind who wishes to spend on tools, then HeavenGifts.com has HBC Coils that look freagin sexy! These are pre-made #coilart coils that you can simply hook up to your atty and begin vaping.

However, one thing to keep in mind, you need to have an atty (dripper) that has big enough post holes to be able to hold those huge coil ends. So shoot for something like a Goon RDA or a X1 RDA (even the clones will be just fine). The post holes should be at the least 3mm or you wont be able to hook up these crazy HBC coils.

Hope this answers many vaper's questions about how to make crazy coil art.

Vape on!