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    Default Buying Flavour Concentrates Offline (ie in the physical world)

    I have the stuff you need for the mass & kick but i need the stuff that makes it palatable ie the flavours.

    Are flavour concentrates being sold in the wild. I mean they surely have other uses like in baking etc.

    I don't have access to online accounts (because we live in village outskirts, yup not even in the village itself) so my only option is to pay dudes with money in city where COD is applicable at his office address. (all my amazon deliveries happen this way). My friend has an online account and stuff but can't use that because of his wife as he has to justify every purchase at end of month. (he has married for 7 years now so hopefully he'll start to assert in independence any day now)

    I haven't seen any shops where flavour concentrates are sold. Are there any such shops in Delhi ?

    Also sorry to dude from (if he's here) because i misspoke thinking he was this huge supplier but he is probably an vaping enthusiast. Have you guys tried buying from there ? They have a huge collection. But since they/he are part time hobby site, how much of that is in stock with them is a big if ?

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    Default Re: Buying Flavour Concentrates Offline (ie in the physical world)

    Flavorella is Mayank. Most people buy flavors from him or from Sukhi. Both reliable sellers.

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