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    Default SMOKTech Osub 40W kit?

    Hi guys. I was hoping someone could help me find out more about the Osub kit. It looks beautiful but I want to get a little more info before I dive headfirst into it. TIA!
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    Default Re: SMOKTech Osub 40W kit?

    I know this post is about the Osub kit (40 W) but I thought I'd chip in anyways. I just got the Osub Plus Kit (80 W) and fired it up last night. My two cents:

    The packaging feels and looks nice. Upon opening the box up you see the mod sitting there and it looks very pretty (got the stainless steel one). Its extremely well built and has a nice weight to it. Some might even find it a bit heavy for its size. Below the mod is the Brit Beast along with the charging/updating wire, a spare glass, some spare o-rings, the spare coil and the paperwork. A big thumbs up to Smok for including the glass and o-rings, they're a very welcome addition.

    The kit, once put together looks amazing. Its definitely got a premium feel to it. The lateral fire button is a joy to operate and you can hold it in so many different ways and still fire comfortably. The response is instant. Fire and vapor is produced. There is literally zero lag between the two. The tank performs like a beast. Really good flavour and HUUUUUUGE clouds. It's my first Smok tank and I'm impressed. Initially I thought the drip-tip looked a bit wide and short and was worried about how close my lips would be to the metal of the tank, but there's absolutely no issue there. I've been chain vaping it since I got it and there's no transfer of heat to my lips and as for the width of the tip, I'm liking it more and more.

    The menu system is a completely new concept for me as I've been using the Target Mini and an iStick+Nautilus Mini. While it is a bit confusing at first, its very easy to get used to and do I like the fact that I can tinker with screen sleep time and set a limit to how many puffs I can take.

    Overall, I'm very happy with the purchase and would recommend the kit to any vaper looking to upgrade their cloud size.

    Special mention to Karan Kumar from smartsmokeindia. Great price, next day delivery and a couple of snap juices and vape bands ensured it was a pleasure doing business with him.

    I'd rate it 4.8/5.

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