Vaporesso, as we know is a popular Chinese Vape brand and has been pretty active in the vaping world. They mainly established their presence with the popular Vaporesso Target Pro mod, which was quite a success in the Ecigarette world! I recently received their Estoc Tank Mega from and here's my review of the tank after using a week or so.

The Vaporess Estoc Tank is a 3.0ml featuring the EUC (Eco Universal Coil) which is an innovative advancement in the Ecig industry. This technology will allow you to replace only the core of your atomizer which is called EUC by dropping it in and out of its casing, leaving the metal sleeve, therefore helping you to save TIME, MONEY, and the ENVIRONMENT all at once. No more throwing away the whole coil head, just pop the coil out of the coil head and replace it with a new one. Of course, replacing coils should be much cheaper than replacing whole coil head!

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Vaporesso Estoc Tank Review

The Estoc is a very small sized tank, probably one among the smallest tanks with 3.0 ml eLiquid capacity. The tank features a top-fill system and there's no chance of eliquid leaking, which is a breeze for new vapers. The drip tip that comes with the tank is pretty wide-bore (probably 5 to 6mm wide) and looks great on the tank. The airflow slots are pretty huge and have a metal ring on top for controlling the airflow to the coil head. The center pin in the 510 of the Estoc is protruding by 0.5 mm and is gold plated for better conductivity. The tank comes with 2x cover lids which is great! The cover lids protect the glass tank from shattering be absorbing the shock on small tumble-overs and falls.

The pre-installed coil head is an EUC 0.5 ohm ceramic coil head which is long lasting and easy to use. When the coil is burnt out, it will be a breeze to install a new coil in the same coil head. There's also another SS coil head available that has a parallel build and the resistance is 0.4 ohm.

The flavor is pretty good (although cant say the flavor was the best but pretty good) and the clouds are good too. If I were to give a score, would probably give 8 out of 10 scores.

The only niggles that I found were: Unable to unscrew the chimney, resistance kept fluctuating (although little fluctuation but still makes a difference) and stiff airflow control ring. Apart from these small niggles, there was nothing much to complain about. Overall, I liked this clearomizer, especially the EUC feature that allows you to keep the coil heads and only replace coils inside.

Package Contents

Estoc Tank Mega
Spare Glass Tank
Spare 0.4 ohm EUC SS coil head
2x Cover Lids (Red and Grey)
Replacement O-rings
Service Manual
Warranty Card
Information Cards

Vaporesso Estoc Tank Mega Video Review

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