I started smoking around 20 odd years ago. Was out looking for a Job and used to hang out with other guys who used to sit in groups and share a cig or two. As everybody was short of cash, we used to light one and take a drag and pass it around. Knew the dangers then.

But I was like.....i can quit anytime i want. All one has to do is stop smoking.

Then came the job. With the job came money, which was also used to buy cigarettes. I still remember how proud i was, walking up to that pan walla and asking for a whole pack. I was still like......i can quit anytime i want. All one has to do is stop smoking.

Then after getting married, wife kept pastering me to stop smoking. But by then it had its grip on me. I needed one in the morning then every hour after that. Always stuck to one pack plus minus 2-3 cigs.

Then two events happened that changed everything.
1) Lost a friend to a Heart Attack (Was a smoker)
2) Lost another Friend to a Heart Attack (Also was a smoker)
Both within a year.

and here i was...just couldnt quit. Was able to bring it down to 6 Cigs per day, but was not able to quit. Tried everything in the market, including alternative medicines. I was dabling aound in the internet when i came across Vapers and ECigs. I was like...why not.
I got me one of those cheap starter kits with 6mg of Nicotine liquid. kept doing that for a month or so, substituting sometimes with a cigarette. Then more research.

Then i got me a Kangertech Pangu and 18 mg nicotine liquid. And the vapour hit me like a hammer. BOOM. That was it, have not touched a cigarette since.

Been a month and Half. have cut down from 18mg to 6mg till now. Sometimes even that seems excessive sometimes.

and I am staying. No more cigarettes. Finished, Done. Gone.