Freemax Starre Pure tank is a new clearomizer from and is the authorized distributor. Received the tank a few days ago and I have been playing around with it, vaping on it and trying different concentration of eLiquids. So far, not a drop wasted, nothing leaked, great on flavor and clouds! That's just to summarize to save you some time. My opinion is that this tank is for those who have been complaining about leakage issues, juice pop, etc. Tried the tank on different wattage (up to 70 watts) and no problems to report at all. Continue to read to know where to buy and check the video review and pics by the end.

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Price: $45.00 ( SKU 373167802)
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Freemax Starre Pure Review

Freemax Starre Pure tank is actually a beautifully designed 25mm diameter sub-ohm clearomizer. Designed to have top airflow, top fill/refill system and totally leak-proof if you use the tank as described. The tank features a 3-tube (or 3-layer) design. The outermost tube is the one that holds the eLiquid (can hold 4ml eLiquid). The second tube is the airflow tube which carries air from the top airflow slots down to the coil head. The third tube is the one that carries vapor up to the person vaping on the tank.

With being a top airflow tank, there is no way the atty can leak, no way the juice will come out of it unless you handle it wrongly. Apart from the leak-free feature, the Starre Pure also gives very good flavor and clouds. The airflow control ring, the top refilling cap and everything else is beautifully put together to offer ease of use and ease of refill. Just one thing to remember while refilling the tank, close the airflow slots completely.

Changing the coil heads is easy too! All you have to do is, invert the tank upside down and gently unscrew the base. Make sure that the juice level is below the juice channels. That's the only time when you have to be careful. If the eLiquid is below the juice channels, there is nothing to worry about. There simply wont be a leakage or spilling problem with this tank.

All of these features make the "Freemax Starre Pure" a unique clearomizer that makes it a successful atomizer. I already see that other companies are also designing the 3-tube design (for example, Obs Engine RTA has the same 3-tube design with top airflow). I'm actually mesmerized at the construction, how the Starre Pure is put together.

Freemax Starre Pure PROs:

Top Fill tank
Top Airflow
4ml Juice Capacity
Leak Proof design
Excellent build quality
SS 316 construction
CCC (Ceramic Cover Coil) heads
Heat Insulation Ceramic Coil heads
Easy to use, easy to refill
Easy to replace coil without emptying the tank
Excellent flavor and clouds production
Silver plated contacts for better conductivity

Freemax Starre Pure CONs:

Would prefer a little more knurling on the top cap and the base. The grooves are not enough at times when you have sweaty hands.

Video Review:

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Freemax Starre Pure Pics:

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