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    Default Welcome to the New Forum!

    *** Announcement for IV Forum Members ***

    Finally, the new forum is live at (the root of the domain). I have been working pretty hard since last few weeks to get the new forum up and running. In the process of importing the database and everything from the current forum ( to the new forum (, I've had some difficulty in dealing with bugs and errors. It took me 3 weeks to fix everything and get the new forum up and running. So, the posts that are put up on the old forum within this time frame, those posts wont be moved to the new forum.

    The reason for moving from SMF to vBulletin platform is simple: more options, more user-friendly and more interactive. vBulletin offers a lot more features which will be pretty useful.


    You can use the same accounts that you are using on the old forum. In case you cannot login to the new forum, please RESET your password and you wouldn't have any problems logging in.

    I hope you will like this new platform more than the old one

    In order to phase out from the old forum to the new forum, I will be running both the forums for a week. The forum ( ) will continue to work till December 19th. On the 20th of this month, the old forum will be removed and only the main forum at will continue to work. If you need any help, please feel free to reach out to me.

    Thanks and happy vaping


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