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    Default Warning about bad magma dripper

    A few months ago, I ordered 4 magma drippers since they are so popular among vapers. Thought I'd order a few to help vaper buddies but all 4 turned out to be really bad. The airflow holes were completely blocked with gunk and the holes were not drilled properly, felt like a kid drilled the holes and filled them with crap. Also, the post holes were drilled badly too. So I filed a return with FT, got RMA and shipped the drippers back.

    My experience with the return was super! FT refunded for the 4 drippers and also paid back the shipping costs (sent through IndiaPost registered post).

    So a headsup to vapers, avoid this SKU 1754904 version and instead order the 1:1 SKU 1718100 version. This 1:1 comes without a drip tip and is more expensive than the other one but you will only avoid unnecessary trouble by spending a little more.

    Done my part of warning, it's upto the user to buy either of the two versions. Hope this helped.

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    Default Re: Warning about bad magma dripper

    Thank Andy.

    I had the same kind of experience: the 1:1 (SKU1718100) was perfect, and i gave it to a friend.
    I got since another one with coper ring (SKU1785900), supposed to be also 1:1 but it's clearly inferior (the size of the holes does not make sense and the air flow was bit obstructed too).

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