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    Default Heavy Smoker From BLR planning to Move to Vaping

    Hi All,

    A very happy new year 2017 to all of you, am from Bangalore and have been smoking from 2001 onward, have been very heavy smoker, typically 15 stinkies per day. I would like to thank all of you for this forum being there, am not sure when this forum actually started, but I as not aware of this forum in 2012. In 2012 I attempted to quit smoking by opting for E-cig, I bought one from but was unsuccessful and quickly switched back to Stinkies.

    Recently(2016 first quarter) I saw my Father-in-law expire due to COPD, he was a heavy smoker, and have heard multiple tales regarding the same, it was unbelievable to see a healthy person reduced to such a thin and weak person due to lack of Oxygen supply. He ultimately succumbed to his demise in ICU, doctor kept him on ventilation but of no use.

    I was very much shocked and decided to quit, I went cold-turkey, and was able to keep away from Stinkies for almost 1.5 month, but alas I returned to it again.
    What I learned from it, is:
    >> It is definitely possible
    >> We are beings of Habit.
    >> More than the addiction alone, I guess it is the habit of overall experience, 'Taking Break'/'Being alone with yourself'/'Walking to the shop at our lane'/'Stopping at a bakery and having a tea'/'Getting a chance to sort your thoughts out'
    >> Biggest mistake I did was I started it again.
    >> It needs a constant check, and is unnatural and has to be at back of my mind always that I have to stop myself from touching it again.

    Now I would like to give one more serious try on quitting with Vaping. My last experience on Ecig was not that great due to:

    1. Not enough vaper volume.
    2. I used 8 MG nicotine with Malboro flavor, but still fealt that the volume of vapor was not good.
    3. I never fealt throat hit with these Ecig.
    4. Drag was not rally anything close to real one, it was a very loose drag, and it fealt like I am sucking air.
    5. Another annoying thing was not able to tell when the Battery is down or Juice is not there, the device was not reliable in this respect.
    6. Battery didnot last long enough, infact I noticed that, when the battery is fully charged, the experience was close enough, atleast with respect to vapor production, and I would have sticked to it if it remained consistent. But unfortunately within couple of puffs the intensity reduces.

    At that time I was not aware of such veping Mods and devices other than Cigalike. Although down the line 1-2 years I saw the existence of such devices in internet, but was not sure where to buy them from, since there was no Indian seller and I was not aware of FastTech and such.

    Thats why a thanks goes to this forum members, since with you guys there I came to know that it is possible to buy such devices directly from China.

    That said, my current situation is such that I would like to buy a device which really makes me fall in love with it. I have done a lot of research, in this forum and also outside, what I fealt was:

    1. Top three devices to start with and most recommended for MTL 'Endura T18', 'Aspire Nautilus Mini', 'Kangertech sub mini'
    2. On researching each and individual one in detail I found, 'Aspire Nautilus' sometimes people complaint about Burnt Taste and Leaks
    3. Same with Kangertech sub mini, I found the Leaking problem is in existence.
    4. For Endura T18 and aslo T22 I found always very good reviews, everywhere.
    5. But In reddit I found about T22 being leaky.

    My selection criteria was mainly:
    >> Should be MTL
    >> Should have tight drag
    >> Should have very good Vapor production.
    >> Should not be sub-ohm

    So considering the all, I decided to get myself a T18.

    I would like to buy

    • A T18 kit
    • 1 Spare T18 Tank
    • 10 Spare T18 coils
    • Hangseng tobacco(Malboro, Indian Tobaco) flavored Juice for 18 MG, 12 MG [Hope T18 works with this, I did not get any info about what should be thinkness or thinness of eliquid which would work good on T18)
    • Some other flavored juice, either Coffee or Bakery(Cakes)(Since I like those most) of 12 MG and 6 MG.

    Though I have decided, but I would still like all of you to express views about my plans. And one more thing:

    >> I read in one of the forum post that fasttech has stopped shipping e-liquids to India, so who could be an alternative supplier with reliability and pricing points.
    >> Also I am from Bangalore, and since it is banned in karnataka, shall I receive it in my parents place in Kolkata and ask them to courier it to Bangalore, will this help, or the risk remains same.
    >> Also I have not done much research on e-liquid, as a matter of fact, there are too many flavors, too many makes, too many options so I am very confused. Also it should work with T18, so please suggest. I have seen good reviews for Smoka Turkish Gold, why is it so? Is it really good. What other tobaco flavored e liq you recommend.

    Finally I am aware that finding your ideal device takes some experimentation, and I am ready to do it and give my self some time and money for this.

    Your valuable inputs, encouragement, fueling up is anticipated.
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