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    Default [Help] Importing Vaping kits to India

    Hello Everybody...

    My friend is coming from Australia in few days. I wanted him to get me a eGo One XL Kit from there..

    What we were concerned about was Indian Customs. Is it legally allowed to bring a vaping kit to india? If not, Do customs people know about them>? Can he bring?

    And moreover, Where would i find the coils for eGo One XL and where can i buy the kit in india?

    I am from ahmedabad, Gujarat.

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    Default Re: [Help] Importing Vaping kits to India

    The best way to get your vaping gear is to walk it into india. :P
    Tell your friend to keep the battery and tank in his pocket.
    if the customs dept in green channel see the tank , they will ask questions.
    Its up to you friend to answer it confidently in that case.
    Alternately, you can break down your kit as much as possible and pack it in different parts of the luggage.

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    Default Re: [Help] Importing Vaping kits to India

    He should not have any problems if he packages the stuff with his checkin luggage. Last month I got 500 ml of nicotine along with half a dozen mods from US along with me.

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    Default Re: [Help] Importing Vaping kits to India

    Agree with Ashish

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