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    Default Kayfun Clones Compared

    Hello Kayfun Users,

    I use the Kayfun Lite Plus v2.

    My personal opinion - for above ohm M2L flavour chasing nothing really compares to the Kayfuns. It beats the lot by miles and the next closest I have found has been the Ego One with CLR. Man I really love my Kayfun!!

    Now to the question: can't find a Kayfun clones compared topic on IV, hence starting a new one. How do the Kayfuns stack one against the others? Which is the best one wrt flavour output, decent tank size, least leak issues, etc.?

    Fasttech lists these:
    1. Kayfun lite
    2. Kayfun lite v2
    3. Kayfun lite plus
    4. Kayfun lite plus v2
    5. Kayfun v3.0
    6. Kayfun v3.1
    7. Kayfun v4
    8. Kayfun v6
    9. Kayfun lite pawns
    10. Kayfun mini series
    11. Kayfun top cap
    12. Monster v2
    13. Russian 2.0
    14. Russian 91%

    Kalc Bhai and other Kayfun lovers your thoughts?

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    Default Re: Kayfun Clones Compared

    There are tens of Kayfun Lite available on FT and other places, these two are the best as far as my experience. I have tried these and a few others ..

    Kayfun Lite ($12.85) -
    Kayfun Lite Plus V2 ($26.58) -
    Kayfun V4 ($19.01) - Kayfun V4 Review

    Nothing special about the other clones. The above are good to go. Have tried the Kayfun 3.1 and Russian atties too but nothing great about those although reviewers raved about the KF 3.1 and Russians too.

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    Default Re: Kayfun Clones Compared

    Did you mean this Russian Kayfun?

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    Default Re: Kayfun Clones Compared

    Kayfun lite

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