I've been talking to manufacturers and modders and have always told them to take care of these 10 points and they will have a perfect recipe for a perfect box mod. However, many manufacturers out there fk up while making a box mod.

Let's see what features a mod should have so that it sells like hotcakes
  • [li]Spring loaded stainless Steel 510 connector. Also, the connector should be properly sealed so that the juice don't leak into the mod.[/li]
    [li]Possibly the smallest sized aluminum allow box with a good magnetic battery door.[/li]
    [li]Battery door seam should NOT come on the top platform.[/li]
    [li]Front charging port. Don't put it in the bottom, keep it in the front for easy recharging.[/li]
    [li]No big skulls or pirtates or other funny graphics. Just the company logo and model number on one side of the mod are enough.[/li]
    [li]Good quality stainless steel switch and tactical buttons.[/li]
    [li]Use good scratch-free paint on the box that doesn't wear off too soon.[/li]
    [li]Make sure to put enough vent holes in the base or on the side of the mod.[/li]
    [li]Removable battery (18650 or 26650) or if you use inbuilt battery, please make sure it is of good quality and the connections are properly soldered.[/li]
    [li]Use a Yihi chip if possible because other chips (TI, etc) are just crap.[/li]
If most modders can ensure these 10 points, they will be able to put together a mod that will sell pretty good