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    Default My Journey - From Smoking to Vaping

    I had never ever thought that I would or coud ever give up smoking....Ever !!! Frustrated at my efforts to quit cigs, used to think......"Yeh meri jaan leke jaayegi !"

    The journey started when I was in the 11th, in junior college. As part of a dramatics troupe , i had to enact a smoking scene and my senior colleagues sort of guided me "Pull into ur mouth n exhale".....and one thing led to another becoming a habit for over 32 years. From Gold Flake Kings, to Charms, Charminar, Four Square, Will Navy Cut, B&H, Marlb, 555.....Ganesh beedi's....I had become a cig junkie. I needed to be reassured at all times that I had a minimum of a pack stashed away. Wasnt a good experience searching through Mumbai at 3 in the night for just 1 ciggy at the ST Stands. I had become a nervous wreck of sorts, a ciggy always between my fingers and I was fed up.

    It was my wife who pointed out E-cigs to me. I was highly sceptical at 1st, and didnt rush to buy what seemed to be the solution to my problem. The insecurity of losing my most beloved jaanenisaar cigarettes was immense. I'd tell myself "Everyone has to die someday, I choose to die smoking"......just like a typical ostrich with its head in the sand. It was rather due to my wife's persistance that I finally agreed to research out E-cigs. What I came across intrigued me and i purchased my 1st e-cig, an ego-ce4. I tried it for half an hour and that was it. Since that moment ....till now, i have not smoked a cigarette, nor do I miss it. I started off with e-cigs with the same nic strengty as my Gold Flake Lights, 18mg and over a period of time have brought it done to 6mg. Feel so much more healthier, am able to take brisk walks and climb 7 storeys without going short on breath. My mouth n clothes dont stink, am not a pariah in the family any more.

    Its been a life-changing experience. And in the same breath, i ask other smokers to research E-Cigs properly, through the right sources, then try it and witness for yourself how e-cigs can make you healthier and life more fun.

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    Default Re: My Journey - From Smoking to Vaping

    That was an amazing read.

    I feel so much more positive about my decision of quitting smokes after reading this.

    Glad you took the right road. and glad i did too.

    Cheers to a healthy life"]
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