For past 9 years i have been smoking cigarettes. Lets say for me it all started with the a party that i was once in
and eventually didn't even realize when i got addicted to it. The addiction is so bad that it doesn't matter if u have money to eat
or not but a pack of cigarettes is a must in your pocket. I was at 20 ciggs/day and because of cigarettes
(that actually kills your appetite) and my work schedule, i always had a bad diet.
So knowingly or unknowingly i always have been deteriorating my health. Lot of things i went through this period
suffering right from acute bronchitis ( Thank god it wasn't chronic), breathlessness, headaches and whatall. Its
nicotine that one is addicted to which unless ou 'OD' on it, it doesn't cause so many problems. Its the additional >4000
chemicals in a cigarette that really takes the life out of you! So many times i have tried to quit with the help of
nicotine gums, nicotine patch or just quitting but success was never a part of it, STORY of a SMOKER!

I was introduced to vaping by my friend. Honestly in the beginning i was really very reluctant to even try it, thought
nothing can match the satisfaction of having that "5 mins of cigarette smoke". But one fine day i said to myself enough is
enough if i can't quit smoking let me at least give a try to this new alternative. Voila! And my journey started towards
a new world of happiness, to the world of vaping away from those illness causing sticks. Its been now 8 months that i am vaping.
Truth being told once i got used to vaping i tried smoking cigarettes thrice just to confirm that i have quit smoking but yeah
i can't stand the taste or even smell of it now.
The thing that i always think how did i ever go through it for 9 YEARS!!!

Within weeks I got my appetite back. Breathing became normal. I could run without skipping a breath. No more depression
(BTW smoking does cause depression in one way or the other. A person might not even notice it). Within months i have reduced
my nicotine intake from 18 mg to 3 mg. Now i am so positive that i might even quit nicotine at all.